Organic wheatgrass, barley grass and micro greens near Seattle, Washington
Yes, we deliver.
For businesses and residences in greater Seattle and Kitsap County, we offer delivery of fresh wheatgrass, barley grass, pea shoots, and sunflower greens.
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Just a few reasons
to love wheatgrass.
Wheatgrass is one of
nature's greatest healers.
Wheatgrass has exceptional chlorophyll content which cleanses our cells and purifies the blood. These young grasses behave like vitamins because they are naturally super concentrated. Best of all, this supplement is made in nature's laboratory, delivering hundreds of nutrients in perfect balance.
A tiny serving
with a big punch.
A one-ounce cocktail of fresh wheatgrass provides one of nature's richest sources of vitamins A and C. Grown in fertile organic soil, it contains all known mineral elements plus calcium, B-17, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, sulfur, cobalt, zinc, as well as 17 forms of amino acids and enzymes.
It's an easy, healthful habit.
If you are a virgin green shooter, start with one ounce or less, gradually increasing up to two ounces of wheatgrass twice daily and ideally consuming within 15 minutes of juicing. And that's a habit you'll be happy to keep.
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Life on the farm.
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Our story
By happy accident we became customers turned farmers of a wheatgrass, pea shoots and sunflower greens farm. Our greens are sold locally through grocery stores, juice bars and natural food markets. We believe in growing with only fertile organic soil and seeds in our natural sunlight greenhouse.
Time to grow.
We are super passionate about juicing here at Indianola Organics. We have been sharing our favorite products, tips and recipes with friends and family, and now we are offering our tried and true suggestions for you to enjoy. Our goal is to help you choose the best equipment and inspirational books to get you on your way to healthy juicing.
If you find yourself in Kitsap County stop by and visit our farm. Please send us your questions, comments, recipes and suggestions on juicing products. We would love to hear from you!

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