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    io tabletop at the Seattle Wedding Show

    Thank you to all who stopped by our booth this last weekend!  Kipja and I had a great time working our first show and meeting you all.  We were so happy to see how many of you share our love of these simply beautiful containers.  It was obvious many of you were very happy to find something a bit less fussy for your centerpieces.  We think they will look great in your urban garden or venue as well as your vintage wedding locations.  We are available to help make decorating selections so you can create your own unique and beautiful wedding.  Our website has some great inspirational photos but also please call for details on pricing and  specific container sizes.


    We notice Seattle Bride Magazine took notice of us as well saying “I just fell in love with them”.  Thanks SBM!



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    Our wheatgrass container rentals have been high profile this summer!

    We have been having a blast in August growing our rental containers full of beautiful organic wheatgrass.  Most recently we were invited to decorate a beachside garden wedding which will be featured on the TLC show, Four Weddings.  The bride was inspired to create a party that was a bit less traditional but wanted something beautifully simple, different, eco-friendly and affordable for her centerpieces.  We were her perfect fit!    My designer friend, Kipja, and I had great fun decorating the party and were truly amazed how little we needed to spend on flowers as we just needed a few stems on each table for a pop of color.    We are all very excited to see the upcoming Four Weddings episode of RJ and Monica’s wedding which was a fantastic party.

    Earlier in the month we were also invited to decorate tables for a small dinner party Martha Stewart was attending.  Again, the hosts wanted something beautifully simple and modern.  We took cutting from one of their beautiful trees and sprinkled those around the table in mini modern vases.  We also rented Glassy Baby candle holders in monochromatic natural colors and beautiful cloths from Choice Linens and it was gorgeous.  Photos of our tables even made it on Martha’s blog!


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  3. LFM_0962

    Growing Wheatgrass in Seattle

    Spend as little as $1 per week growing wheatgrass at home in Seattle.   All you need is a wheatgrass juicer and growing supplies.  Indianola Organics, near Seattle has everything you need to begin growing right away, including seeds, planting trays and our favorite juicers.

    Growing Basics

    1. Soak your hard winter wheat seed (also called wheat berries) overnight (8 to 12 hours).  Use 2 cups(dry seed measured) for a 10″x 20″ tray.
    2. Sprout the seed in a jar for the next 16 to 24 hours, rinsing the seed well three times a day.
    3. After a very short “tail” is visible, plant the seed on top of the soil. Basic potting mix or topsoil will work fine. Peat moss is an important ingredient to look for in your soil so if you have to add it, the mix is one part peat moss to three parts soil, filled halfway up a two-inch deep tray.
    4. Water the tray and then cover the seeds to keep them from drying out for the first three days.
    5. During the first three days of growth, water once a day in the morning and really soak the soil (until the tray drips is a good sign you are watering enough). Then lightly mist your seed in the evening (lift cover off to mist seed).
    6. On the fourth day, uncover grass (roots should begin to take over your soil), water heavily once a day and keep the grass in the shade (never direct sunlight).
    7. For mold problems, increase your air circulation with a fan or air conditioning to keep the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21° to 26° Celsius).
    8. Harvest grass when a second blade of grass appears on the grass blades, or when the grass “splits” toward the bottom of the blade. Average growing time is seven to 12 days, depending on the weather, but still always watch for the second blade of grass as you can never judge by how many days it has been growing or how tall the grass is.
    9. Only harvest once. Cut grass will store in the fridge for about seven to 10 days or longer in Debbie Meyer Green Bags. Then start the process all over again with new seeds and soil.

    The ideal growing temperature is 60-80° F (20-25° C). Always keep the temperature above 50°F (10°C), and if it is 80°F (26°C) or higher, increase air circulation to prevent mold. Also remember that your sprouts/grass will grow slower during colder months and faster in warmer Seattle weather.

    Have fun and if you are short on time please remember that we also deliver wheatgrass and sprouts to locations in the greater Seattle area and Kitsap County.



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