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    Another favorite Indianola Organics recipe

    The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida is a leader in natural health care and founded on  a the philosophy of a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet. Dr. Brian Clement, co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute is a huge advocate of drinking fresh, green juices and is sharing one of his favorite green juice recipes. If you don’t drink green juice on a regular basis, here are a few reasons to consider slipping a few of these power-packed drinks into your daily routine!  Indianola Organics grows beautiful organics pea shoots and sunflower greens as well as organic wheatgrass near Seattle, Washington.  If you are a Seattle juicer we may be able to deliver to your door.

    Green juice…

    1.Detoxifies the body – It’s very cleansing and assists in the removal of toxins that people absorb everyday

    2.Fosters healthy weight loss

    3. Helps to alkalize the body (This is important as many diseases thrive in acidic conditions)

    4. Strengthens your immune system

    5. Gives you more energy (because juicing reduces the energy your body needs to digest foods)


    Brian Clement drinks two liters of juice a day and over half of that is made of sprouts, which are 30 times more nutritious than even the best vegetables! This juice combines two different types of sprouts: pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts.

    Dr Clement’s Sprouted Green Juice—For a 20 oz. serving of green juice, simply combine the following:


    5 0z. Indianola Organics Pea Shoots

    5 oz. Indianola Organics Sunflower Greens

    5 oz. celery

    5 oz. cucumber


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    How we juice wheatgrass here in Seattle

    At our farm near Seattle, Washington we grow our wheatgrass, pea shoots and sunflower greens under natural Seattle sunlight thus our wheatgrass is chockfull of chlorophyll, vitamins, amino  acids, minerals and enzymes!

    Wheatgrass is best juiced and consumed within 15 minutes to get the full nutritional benefit.  You do not need an expensive juicer, although if you can swing it an Omega or Samson electric juicer gives you easy power to juice all kinds of veggies and fruit as well.  Our favorite affordable model is the the Healthly Juicer, which has terrific reviews at only $49.95.   This manual machine will extract the juice beautifully from your greens.  Start with one once or less and gradually build up to two ounces.  Many folks will have two ounces in the morning and then two ounces again in the evening.  Do not consume more than two ounces at a time or more than four ounces in a day.  For the best yield, taste and nutrition, water and drain daily.  Harvest grass when a second blade of grass appears on the grass blades, or when the grass “splits” toward the bottom of the blade.  If you do not have time to juice, cut the grass just above the soil and store in the refrigerator which prevents the grass from aging, thus losing nutrients.   Only harvest once.  The grass will keep fresh up to one week or longer if you use a Debbie Myers Green Bag(which we love by the way).  Here at Indianola Organics we prefer our shot solo but many folks like to add to their green juice recipes or smoothie.  We will be adding more great recipes for making green drinks with those gorgeous fruits and vegetables from one of our beautiful Seattle area farmers markets.

    Our can buy our wheatgrass all over the Seattle, Washington and the Pacific Northwest including PCC, Central Market and Ballard Market.

    Enjoy Seattle!


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  3. morning_juice

    Our morning drink at the farm for two


    • 1 large cucumber
    • A fist full of kale
    • 3 cups of our pea shoots/sunflower greens or a fist full of romaine
    • 2 or 3 stalks of celery
    • 1 green apple, quartered
    • 1/2 peeled lemon, quartered

    To Prepare:

    Using a slow-gear juicer, add ingredients one by one.  Although we all know the nutrients are at their best shortly after juicing, I will still usually double this recipe so I am sure to have my afternoon green pick me up in the refer and ready to go.

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